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Feature Request: Add ability to auto-assign notebook and tag for notes emailed to Evernote, either manually or automatically


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I send a lot of emails to Evernote for archiving. I also have a lot of my email newsletter subscriptions sent to my Evernote email address, instead of my actual email address.  The main limitation to this is that they all end up in the default notebook without any tags.  I'd like to see the ability to do this.  


I do realize that when manually forwarding emails to my Evernote email that I can use @ and # to assign notebooks and tags respectfully. The problem lies in automated emails. 


In my mind I see any notes that sync to my Evernote server from email forwards or for notes sent to my Evernote email address can be configured uniquely to a particular notebook and/or tag.  This could be based on various types of criteria:


- Subject contents

- Sender email address (of original email)

- Forwarder email address

- Etc.


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