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  1. I send a lot of emails to Evernote for archiving. I also have a lot of my email newsletter subscriptions sent to my Evernote email address, instead of my actual email address. The main limitation to this is that they all end up in the default notebook without any tags. I'd like to see the ability to do this. I do realize that when manually forwarding emails to my Evernote email that I can use @ and # to assign notebooks and tags respectfully. The problem lies in automated emails. In my mind I see any notes that sync to my Evernote server from email forwards or for notes sent to my Evernote email address can be configured uniquely to a particular notebook and/or tag. This could be based on various types of criteria: - Subject contents - Sender email address (of original email) - Forwarder email address - Etc.
  2. Currently on the desktop if you happen to be a ways down in your notes list of thousands of notes and would like to view your reminders, you must scroll back to the top (or use Home keyboard shortcut), thus losing your position in the notes list. It would be great if the Reminders header was static so that it remains the top-most item in the notes list at all times. This request is for Windows and Mac.
  3. Thanks for reporting this. I was under the impression this worked but let me investigate more and I'l report back here. Thanks! mcapehart, I sent you direct message. Take a look. I'm not able to reproduce the issue but would like to chat with you more about this so we can figure out what is going on. Thanks. Just want to update the community on the decryption issue mcapehart ran into. mcapehart did more digging and it appears that if you encrypt multi-line text with at least one blank line using Evernote for Windows and then try to decrypt it on the Mac it won't decrypt. I'm able to reproduce this so we'll take a look. The work around for now is to get rid of blank lines between items. This works for me. This will only be a temporary work around until we can find a fix. A big thanks to mcapehart for figuring this out. Glad I could contribute and I'm even more happy you could reproduce it. Thanks.
  4. Thanks for reporting this. I was under the impression this worked but let me investigate more and I'l report back here. Thanks!
  5. Decrypting text encrypted on Evernote Windows is still not working for me. Text encrypted in Evernote Mac decrypts fine, but not the other way around. It just shows empty space, as if deleted, but thankfully it's not, because I can still decrypt and see the text in Windows or on Mobile.
  6. Why hasn't someone from Evernote replied to this? This thread was started a year and a half ago and the problem persists.
  7. Hi, I have to agree that I would like to see easier access to Saved Searches. I have quite a few and don't always remember their names, hence my reason for using Evernote. :wink:
  8. I took some snapshots today on my wife's Devour using EN and the image didn't get uploaded. I have a Droid and on there it works fine. Is this known? EDIT: If I upload the same image as an attachment, it works.
  9. Thanks a bunch for adding the ability to zoom notes in the last WM update. Do you plan to add the ability to pan by touch/drag on the screen? Using the vertical/horizontal toolbars works, but of course not as finger-friendly. Thanks and keep up the good work.
  10. Any word on zooming capabilities coming? Right now it's useless.
  11. I started getting this problem today...first time ever for v3. I resumed from hibernation first, got the problem, so I rebooted. After reboot, still have the same problem. Frustrating!! The most frustrating part is the inability to kill the process. Vista 32 Business Ed.
  12. Ok, that worked. Although it was Account->Close, rather than File->Close. Nevertheless, thank you.
  13. I'm also having this problem now. There is no 'Switch' in the Account menu.
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