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How can I query repeating items in Calendar with AppleScript?

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I want to run an AppleScript to check my calendar every sunday for the next week, and if there is a repeating all-day event, put it as a note into Evernote.
I successfully wrote the script that can select all-day events and put them into notes, but NOT THE ONES THAT ARE REPEATING.
It seems, that repeating events are not really in the calendar on the (repeating) specific days, more like they are only a calculated iteration of the first event that repeats.


Is there a solution or a workaround for this?

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For non-Evernote questions, issues, how-to's, you will likely find better responses in AppleScript focused forums/web sites.

MacScripter.net is a great place to start.  But then google is also useful.

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