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(Archived) How to search for parenthesis eg. (I) ?



I like to label my notes with makeshift mini tags after certain sentences.

eg. pg. 234 of King lyonel mentioned ... (M)

the M stands for memory, as in something I might need to keep in my memory.

The evernote in the mac client can search for words insid text but when I enter (M) in the search box, it just looks for the letter M and drops the parenthesis.

How do I stop this from happening?

Help appreciated! :D

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Our search box is used to match words and phrases. I.e. sequences of letters, numbers, and underscores. This is case-insensitive (and accent-insensitive), and differences in punctuation are ignored. So there's no way to search for something based on its punctuation.

You could consider using the underscore character to make special searchable markers in your notes, however.

King lyonel mentioned ... _M_

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Thanks for the quick response. Is there any chance of the search box being upgraded in the future that would accept "()" in the search box?

Another way I organize my notes is through color codes. A neat future feature (at least in my opinion) might be enabling search by the color of the text?

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