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problems creating a table of comments

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Hi, I'm new and just starting with the free version.  Would like to create a table of comments, per instructions it is Cmd+click - I'm using Windows 10

1.  Is this available in the free version?

2.  I used Ctrl then used my mouse to click on notes, nothing happening

3.  I used the plus sign + then clicked, nothing happens.

4.  Cmd or Command simply means to me any key other than a letter

5. I don't see anything that says create table of contents note, which would be the next step.


All help appreciated.

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If you highlight a group of notes in a notebook, a list of options should pop up at the bottom. One of those is Create Table of Contents. That's how I do it.


fyi, Cmd or Command is simply the Apple version of Ctrl. 


Hope this helps

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