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evernote on more then one device?

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Have been using Evernote on my android for few years, just got a PC laptop and installed Evernote here also.  I keep myself permanently signed in on my phone/android.


So my question...  do I have to sign in and out on my laptop or can I keep both devices signed in at the same time?

thanks in advance.


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You do not have to sign out. The only way you'll see a problem is if you change a note on one device and then change that same note on the other device before the synchronizations through the server bring the changes over. In that case, when the sync'ing finally does happen, you'll get a conflict and Evernote will move one version of the note into its own new notebook and will pop up a notification to let you know this happened. You then have to manually compare them and change the note to what you want.

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The way to avoid edit conflicts is simply to sync manually both before and after you edit anything.  It's not a good idea at any time to start an edit on one device and then swop to another - use the mobile while you're moving around and the laptop when it's available.  (Although I will admit I take photos with the Android - of serial numbers for instance - and then sync the note to my laptop,  then edit the pic if necessary and add titles and body text.)


Once you get used to the process it's pretty seamless to add notes from any device,  and deal with the occasional conflict if it arises.

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