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way too many touches required to bring note up to iPad screen

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1. select evernote on my iPad

2. evernote opens into search window with search term from last time I used it still in the search bar

3. delete search term

4. type in new search term

5. select item from list of results

6. it only opens halfway, so touch the open-arrows icon to open it the rest of the way


this seems like way too many touches on the screen to get my recipe into a usable size, especially for an app described primarily in terms of "productivity"

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If it didn't open with the old search term, that would remove 1, and if the note opened completely from the search list instead of halfway, that would remove 2.


Unfortunately, even if Evernote were to make these changes just for me, my iPad 1 is frozen at ios5 and hence orphaned from most app updates

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Got it.  Only way I know to get the term out of the search bar is to back up to the EN landing page or close the app using up swipe so you start over each time.

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