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5 newbie qeustions

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I like evernote. I thougt a long time it needs an active online-wire and it only works with that, but its also possible to use it offline! (i´m not  24/7  online and i have problems with saving personal stuff on clouds). 

Now, without this superstition, i am powrusing it since some days. 

Well it was a lot of work, to create enough offline-notebooks (no shorty for this, only for online-books) and to explore the stacks to manage them, but now i have a solid structure. But only off my laptop!


I tried to ex-/import my notes from one client to another (via usb-stick) and yeah, the exported notes will correct import, but i lost all of my sub-books (i exported only my 6 main-books, with lots of sub-books). 



Is there any possibility to ex-/import WITH holding the sub-book structure?



What are online-books? Are they "matchable" with a (most) offline structur?

I use mostly my main-desktop, but sometimes also my lappie. If i create on my lappie and my desktop a "Temp"-book only for beaming/synchroning some notes, will this work? And yeah, if i after this move the notes to my offline-books, are they now offline?

Where is the database of evernote (osx 10.9)? And well if i copy/paste this database to another client, will i get an exact copy (including sub-books)? 

Where is the motivation to use a cloud instead the fast and privacy-safe off-line, if you only use 2 engines and even this seldom?



Any hack that imported buffer-stuff use the first line as an automatically headline? (not ever, but in 70% of cases this line is very usefull, at least better than "no titel").



Style. I want 3,4 main-formats. Is there any possibility to configure this and to associate them to a shorty? Can i personalize this "edit-menue-bar" (font, size, bold....)



Lot of questions. Is there anywhere a manual?  I guess mots of them would a good manual cover!






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