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Evernote lay off all engineer?

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I believe many user especially Premium or Business users,


 The bug exist so long and Evernote did not care like

1.On IE 11, Can not attached picture or any file on note (not copy /past!!) ; just attachment !! still does not work ( i have been high light and feedback to evernote support on May but...maybe supporter still working on find a new job

2.Chrome (windows) , if you try to copy and pass the text with (color), ==> evernote just turn all to black!! why ? ( feedback to evernote support on 2014!! but...

   maybe support still... have same reason as item1


3.Chrome on Mac  can not copy and pass  the note-link, why? supporter say it work so should be something wrong on my Mac (good answer, so I give up)

4.Mac version evernote , if you create the link on the note !! then don't think it can work when you use Chrome (windows), it will pop out ( the link is come from different device .... so you got to do the link again on Chrome (windows) to make it work ( and then it can work on other platform)

5.Mac did not have the functions to import a folder and make every file as a new note; (maybe some of user don't need it ) but from my view point , why the main different between evernote / dropbox or box is , evernote API is easily for user to check paper (and looking for key words)

annual conference could be have hundred to thousands paper , if you need looking for a topic ; Evernote really do a good jobs (of cause on Windows but no Mac for you got to take times to input !!


6. ok still have many issue on syn , from this year; I have been re-load whole database three times!! why evernote can not provide a tool ; let user to check the broken note, which make syn issue


Even I have been through so much, how worse can be? evernote stop service  :o  ,at first I worry a bit , now... I believe some one will replace (or merge) for Evernote create a new business model and it will stand for ever I know.





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