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  1. Hi, I can not contact evernote support, don't know why the on line support is un-available Chrome on Mac can not show note (for classical platform) properly, just pull down the list of the note disappear
  2. I believe many user especially Premium or Business users, Why The bug exist so long and Evernote did not care like 1.On IE 11, Can not attached picture or any file on note (not copy /past!!) ; just attachment !! still does not work ( i have been high light and feedback to evernote support on May but...maybe supporter still working on find a new job 2.Chrome (windows) , if you try to copy and pass the text with (color), ==> evernote just turn all to black!! why ? ( feedback to evernote support on 2014!! but... maybe support still... have same reason as item1 3.Chrome on Mac can not copy and pass the note-link, why? supporter say it work so should be something wrong on my Mac (good answer, so I give up) 4.Mac version evernote , if you create the link on the note !! then don't think it can work when you use Chrome (windows), it will pop out ( the link is come from different device .... so you got to do the link again on Chrome (windows) to make it work ( and then it can work on other platform) 5.Mac did not have the functions to import a folder and make every file as a new note; (maybe some of user don't need it ) but from my view point , why the main different between evernote / dropbox or box is , evernote API is easily for user to check paper (and looking for key words) annual conference could be have hundred to thousands paper , if you need looking for a topic ; Evernote really do a good jobs (of cause on Windows but no Mac for you got to take times to input !! 6. ok still have many issue on syn , from this year; I have been re-load whole database three times!! why evernote can not provide a tool ; let user to check the broken note, which make syn issue Even I have been through so much, how worse can be? evernote stop service ,at first I worry a bit , now... I believe some one will replace (or merge) for Evernote create a new business model and it will stand for ever I know.
  3. Jesper's comment had been past by other user when this new version come out , but nealry one year pass out, I would think, there is a spy in evenrote team from (MS), Evernote jsut can not hear any input from the users especially ( Premium ) user, Classic version got more information and easy to use why Evernote just can not understand and FORCE to implanted beta version? I jsut got feedback from evernote supporter , they will phase out the classice , so it would be the day I say good bye to evernote good luck evenrote
  4. Evernote, Business/prim version promotion I think evernote did not catch the key point for the business version, (event primi also) For instance, I test evernote for years(from 2012) , we are amazing this wonderful product which could use cross different kind of platform it really got a big step of efficiency. for personal,before this year there are 1G and then 4G limitation (event purchased additional space , all you could is 5G) that is ridiculous and fortunately evenote overcome the limitation. but for Business, expect the limitation of upload space, I think evenote did not aware pdf file is the major file for business ( document, Operation instruction, contrast....) but why evenrote just limit 100 page, 50M above would not support search function. you know the key value of evernote are 1.cross platform 2.searchable and really fast !! to be a evaluation owner, I still could not vote evernote as one of solution for business. the pdf limitation is a key. by the way when the note reach to 20K ~ 100G, event use the high gear (8G/ 512SSD, mac) the reliability still a key problem ( I have been reload the database three times, and some note still "strangely" can not found (but web version could) event we try to use web (evernote server) , if the note more than 20K (~100G) database, that would take three to 5 sec when evernote ready to go. ( 4G DRAM, 200G hard disk, 1G readyboost; that is standard desktop for employee for middle size company now) To be short, my view point for evernote need to focus on are 1. improve pdf searchable size , if can reach same as note limitation(200M) would be better), you know not every user (employee will aware this limitation) 2.speed up and improve web version performance, middle size company did not have too much budget for gear and that is the reason why they need evernote and in the same that is the target customer for evernote
  5. I just use Evernote for Mac couple days, but some of the strategy is hardly believe 1. There are two way you can download Evernote for Mac, ( App Store and Evernote web site) Evernote will tell you both of them are the same (if the version no is same) "but" some coding is different , that is for app store specific request... ok if that , why you make the database on totally different route and location. if different, then Please train your supporter to know that , and user would not spent time to download two database and...... consume the treasure SSD space. 2. There two type of copy note link ( one is , copy note link, the other one is copy "classic" note link) Gosh , why you need to do that ? Simple is the best 3.if you need use web Evernote, to increase the search performance. Be carefully, you can not copy note link on Safari (default web browser on Mac) you have to download Chrome for that 4.Evernote for note is un-stable , as forum report, sometimes, reindexing will take "a bit time", could be one day or more 5.The most I still can not get along with When you edit a note, Please press the Syn button to make sure the change have being update on EV server, but Please be informed you still need check by click to another note and back the note you just edited then double check the change is really stay there (most of time , it is not there, if your note is huge (more 10 M , lost rate is high) the issue have been report couple moths ago and now mac evenrote 6.0.5 still the same. so I would say the bug is not thing to do with 1/08/2015 Evernote layoff but it will getting worse? just wait and see.
  6. We don't pay goolge for searching , We also don't need provide google the data we are searching. Evenrote is a niche business and more personal, that is means she should try to grab and got user's loyalty how to make it form my view point , that is (mainframe, search engine,default OCR) 1.mainframe ; if there is nearly or close to free upload space for premium or business user , that is means users will more and more relay on it and getting higher loyalty (that would be a steady income for evernote), in other words, for those who only up load couple G data, how you will expect next year they willing pay for it. 2.Search Engine, thanks for google release search engine code as open source and more and more popular topic on "Big Data" tones of experts devoting how to dig data , Evernote could not not touch it now but just increase the searching performance on "users data" is enough more friendly interface on desktop , or web app can allow two or more account in one cell phone or ipad , ...... Now you are manipulate users own data , you have quite unique business so ...... face less competitors 3.default OCR , basically Evernote say that but I don't trust it , I still use ABBYY to transfer image to text (still need manual edit it and take tones of time ) for without correct text , evenrot seems hard to find it (she still not yet have advanced " Artificial Intelligence search "engine could try to got what users want then to find the data) for only one single "space" between the words, you will lost it So from my view point, Evernote still have tones jobs need to explore, develop , and dig in Please don't miss and lose your corn value (any enterprises live for it) recently , the beta version web evenrote, it totally out of evenrote's cone value Users who use evenrote , is not for show it off, but for it really can do something and easily.
  7. Evernote web should be a secod chose of evernote desktop, if you have more 70G and 10K notes I have been posted many time to evernot the performance on desktop is not acceptable (with SSD and High end gear ) you probably need take more 30 to 50 seconds to wait evernot response during your are arrange your notes. Besides the database is not able to split . that is mean if you are a premium user with 4G data upload on each month One and half year,you have same problem to think about upgrade your SSD and your gear Of cause , the most painful is WAIT Now I Only found web evernote can solve it a bit , with her close performance (use evernote mainframe and super fast search than desktop) and without high performance hard disk / gear demanding (but have to scarify the delay when you some pdf file ,then desktop ) then you still can come along with web evernote. If web evernote really change to the beta version as what we see today. More heavy user would chose onenote but not evernote
  8. Wa, Who create this kind of Disaster version. 1.Few information can be seen (notebook, notebook title , and note content can not show up in a same time!!!) It only for those without too much note have to handle , if yes, why he / she need evernote 2.only suit for portable device but not desktop or notebook 3. So many blank area , (but your promotion say it is more focus , Gosh , who's ideal ) 4. can not tuning the column wides, I am a bit frustrated on old version only could tuning one of the column but not the other side (content area only auto tuning) for beta !! no way for user to tuning , it is totally disappointed 5.roll down the note title , it need take couple minutes to wait the data pop out , if I roll up again it still need wait , wait wait wait .... new version make user with low productivity 6.click so may time to got information , gosh who design it , Please "FIRE he or she" Most important , the way to roll back , 1. Please find the gear icon on the down-left bottom got the user account page , find the column with Beta in ahead and disable beta version Please don't make joke again.
  9. Oh yes, you light me up, it should be Evernote did not use 4 core or....to speed up, I still check the highest performance on Disk (with Raid 0 structure by 3X 256 SSD with 32G DRAM ), unfortunately it only provide 1500 M/ sec read / write that is only 3 times or ~ 1.5 times (on high performance of single SSD) if evenorte can use multi thread + Raid 0 structure , could be have 12 times or... then I can reduce the waiting time from 120 ~ 180 sec to 12 or 18 sec (could be cost 5000 US dollars on the gear MSI GT70 2OLWS-1865 )
  10. hi, thanks for replying I have check the CPU usage is verly low % (20 or 30) but the index LED of hard disk is keep lighting (nearly bright light instead of light flash normally we can found) so EN is very I/O (bus) demanding I don;t know is there have an Engineering data evaluation for user to know , how much DRAM embedded is prefer (it should be a correlation of local database size) if EN can provide those kind of data, User could evaluate the new gear for their requirement. (I think some of the user is satisfied 1G / Month , but some would not happy event can purchase to 5G / Month)
  11. hi, thanks for reply , I know DRAM will lose the data if no power to re-flash the cell memory What I am found is , there is couple hard disk vender provide the hard disk is build up by DRAM cell + Flash + battery (in case power lose, it still have time to move the data to flash) as I mentioned, I have check the lag, or crash all come about the high demanding on hard disk performance Unfortunately if the local data is getting larger (no too much , if more than 30G you can easily found the drop down of the EN performance) when the data more than 65G (as I have now) , trust me, you will try to hit the wall degrade of the performance is only one of some fatal issue on EN (the other one would be the local data can not be split , that is means, you have to ready a huge and high performance hard disk , if you use EN more then two or three years of cause it cost $$$$$$ a lot) I have check the art of the state notebook available on market today (like Lenovo ThinkPad X1c , 8G DRAM , 256 SSD) but it only can got ~ 500 MB/s seq read (it just 2X, 2 times I have now) Currently I have to take 2 to 3 mins to wait (edit or copy or search ) the note , so even I have the Top gear , I still have to take 1 to 2 mins and wait it ...... the other way could be hope is ..... EN can improve the Web version functionality or they can use the embedded DRAM to improve the performance (the chance could be low , for EN did not take too much CPU resource) All EN EAT is hard disk resource and wait ....... response ......zzzzzz..... and it is the bottle nexk
  12. Hi, Most people with more couple G byte data will suffer the performance of evernote (on local site, windows OS) I have try SSD (256 G , sandisk) Unfortunately I still have take more then 2 to 3 mins to wait the feedback for evernote when I search or edit some notes Web version can serach will but some functions are not support Web version, for instance, the link I do some summary to copy the related note link into one specific note, and it really take long time for me to search the note , copy the note link and past it .... I just wonder, is it will be running more smoothly when some one use DRAM base hardisk (use ramdisk) and what is the bottle neck on evenrot (the hardisk , or the SATA bus limitation) I check the list of resource using during evenrote " very hard " working CPU only use 10 to 20 % that is mean, most of time Hardisk is the key but could be hardisk or bus limitation if Ram disk can solve the problems, maybe we can wait or it really need evernote come out the solution to improve the performance of evernote
  13. hi the attachment is the search result from web / win evernote with double or single quotation marks are the same ==> not correct search result (you can see , on win evernote , the mark in yellow is totally ..... not thing to do with what I am key in ) this is an issue form very early beginning , and .... I have been report many many times and of cause , give up again
  14. for database issue there is a way I also found can solve it by user there is a ticket (602481, 6-26-2014) I post couple weeks ago , even supporter not yet have the answer but you could solve it by don't need delet note and create again 1. some time the note pick out but it can not show the content properly (the PDF file, could just show a line but no content) 2.if you try to reload the content from history list it will show ran out of memory after finish syn I try many times / way (exit , reopen evernote, reboot notebook)and it still the same 3. if I change a notebook or desktop , the note can show properly so the solve way is 1. remove the note from one notebook to others (on the desktop or notebook that you occured this issue) 2. Syn 3. if the content pop out properly 4. move the note back to the notebook you plan to
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