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  1. Hi, I can not contact evernote support, don't know why the on line support is un-available Chrome on Mac can not show note (for classical platform) properly, just pull down the list of the note disappear
  2. Evernote web should be a secod chose of evernote desktop, if you have more 70G and 10K notes I have been posted many time to evernot the performance on desktop is not acceptable (with SSD and High end gear ) you probably need take more 30 to 50 seconds to wait evernot response during your are arrange your notes. Besides the database is not able to split . that is mean if you are a premium user with 4G data upload on each month One and half year,you have same problem to think about upgrade your SSD and your gear Of cause , the most painful is WAIT Now I Only found web evernote can solve it a bit , with her close performance (use evernote mainframe and super fast search than desktop) and without high performance hard disk / gear demanding (but have to scarify the delay when you some pdf file ,then desktop ) then you still can come along with web evernote. If web evernote really change to the beta version as what we see today. More heavy user would chose onenote but not evernote
  3. Wa, Who create this kind of Disaster version. 1.Few information can be seen (notebook, notebook title , and note content can not show up in a same time!!!) It only for those without too much note have to handle , if yes, why he / she need evernote 2.only suit for portable device but not desktop or notebook 3. So many blank area , (but your promotion say it is more focus , Gosh , who's ideal ) 4. can not tuning the column wides, I am a bit frustrated on old version only could tuning one of the column but not the other side (content area only auto tuning) for beta !! no way for user to tuning , it is totally disappointed 5.roll down the note title , it need take couple minutes to wait the data pop out , if I roll up again it still need wait , wait wait wait .... new version make user with low productivity 6.click so may time to got information , gosh who design it , Please "FIRE he or she" Most important , the way to roll back , 1. Please find the gear icon on the down-left bottom got the user account page , find the column with Beta in ahead and disable beta version Please don't make joke again.
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