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  1. Hi, I can not contact evernote support, don't know why the on line support is un-available Chrome on Mac can not show note (for classical platform) properly, just pull down the list of the note disappear
  2. Evernote web should be a secod chose of evernote desktop, if you have more 70G and 10K notes I have been posted many time to evernot the performance on desktop is not acceptable (with SSD and High end gear ) you probably need take more 30 to 50 seconds to wait evernot response during your are arrange your notes. Besides the database is not able to split . that is mean if you are a premium user with 4G data upload on each month One and half year,you have same problem to think about upgrade your SSD and your gear Of cause , the most painful is WAIT Now I Only found web evernote can solve it
  3. Wa, Who create this kind of Disaster version. 1.Few information can be seen (notebook, notebook title , and note content can not show up in a same time!!!) It only for those without too much note have to handle , if yes, why he / she need evernote 2.only suit for portable device but not desktop or notebook 3. So many blank area , (but your promotion say it is more focus , Gosh , who's ideal ) 4. can not tuning the column wides, I am a bit frustrated on old version only could tuning one of the column but not the other side (content area only auto tuning) for beta !! no
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