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Resize the Notebook Pane


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Have today finally taken the plunge and upgraded from version 4-something on Windows.  Have been on that ever since EN support were unable to resolve a recurring problem where EN regularly crashed when I moved notes between notebooks (my GTD approach means I do this multiple times every day).


Two upgrades in last 24 hours and I am now on the latest version and (so far at least) that earlier showstopper problem seems to have been addressed - fingers crossed!


However, I have found one thing this morning which is quite annoying.


My GTD approach means EN contains my "to do" lists, sorted by notebooks (so one notebook is "Now" for example), with each notebook containing multiple notes where each note represents a thing to do.


So have set up the view options how I want in the new version of EN, all OK so far.  And opened the "Now" notebook to show the list of things I want to do today.  So the left hand sidebar shows all my notebooks, and the panel on the right hand side shows the notes within that "Now" notebook, which are my "to do" list for today.  Great so far.


However, what I used to do at this point was reduce the width of the EN window to a fairly narrow tall and thin window, so that I could move it (which showed my things to do list) to the far right hand side of my desktop, leaving the rest of my screen real estate available for actually doing stuff.


However this latest version of EN has a minimum width of that "notes within a notebook" pane.  If you try to reduce the width of the EN window any further it scrolls from the left, so you lose firstly the left hand notebook list and secondly the text of the individual notes - it actually keeps all the white space on the right hand side of that panel (which of course isn't needed).  Therefore, in order to see my "to do" list, EN now always takes up about half of my overall screen. 


Any chance we could change that minimum width setting - remove the minimum, or reduce it by at least half, and/or scroll from the right rather than the left?

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