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  1. For what its worth, I am also at a similar point - tbh it seems crazy to continue to use a product which has such a fundamental issue. I stayed on an old version of EN for several years after EN support were unable to resolve my big issue at that time (crashing when moving notes between folders) and advised me to stay on the old one. Having "upgraded" to the latest version about a year ago, that particular issue has returned. Plus now the issue on this thread of "not responding". Plus the issue with the web clipper ("not connected to the internet" message) which makes it unusable for 80% of the time. If I had just downloaded this software I would uninstall and look for an alternative immediately, as it clearly is broken. It's just habit that's keeping me here and using EN. I have been a huge fan and advocate of EN, and literally use it to manage my life. I use it on IOS (phone and iPad) and Windows. But over the last few years the various EN updates have done absolutely nothing for me (honestly struggling to think of a single improvement), while not only have issues like this remained unresolved, in many cases (like the unresponding issue here) they have just got worse. When I get around to it, I'll be heading off to look for a suitable alternative.
  2. I have the exact same issue - I reluctantly finally upgraded from a trusty old version (4.9?) a few months back, and ever since then Evernote is like swimming through treacle. The simplest thing (e.g. right click on a note so you can move it to a different notebook) can take 10 seconds or more before the pop-up window opens. This isn't an intermittent, every few days issue - this is happening to me literally dozens of times each day. Just over 10,000 notes, my system has 6Gb of memory and I don't have an SSD drive.
  3. Many thanks for the fix to resizing the window, exactly what was needed - can now work the way I always used to
  4. Have today finally taken the plunge and upgraded from version 4-something on Windows. Have been on that ever since EN support were unable to resolve a recurring problem where EN regularly crashed when I moved notes between notebooks (my GTD approach means I do this multiple times every day). Two upgrades in last 24 hours and I am now on the latest version and (so far at least) that earlier showstopper problem seems to have been addressed - fingers crossed! However, I have found one thing this morning which is quite annoying. My GTD approach means EN contains my "to do" lists, sorted by notebooks (so one notebook is "Now" for example), with each notebook containing multiple notes where each note represents a thing to do. So have set up the view options how I want in the new version of EN, all OK so far. And opened the "Now" notebook to show the list of things I want to do today. So the left hand sidebar shows all my notebooks, and the panel on the right hand side shows the notes within that "Now" notebook, which are my "to do" list for today. Great so far. However, what I used to do at this point was reduce the width of the EN window to a fairly narrow tall and thin window, so that I could move it (which showed my things to do list) to the far right hand side of my desktop, leaving the rest of my screen real estate available for actually doing stuff. However this latest version of EN has a minimum width of that "notes within a notebook" pane. If you try to reduce the width of the EN window any further it scrolls from the left, so you lose firstly the left hand notebook list and secondly the text of the individual notes - it actually keeps all the white space on the right hand side of that panel (which of course isn't needed). Therefore, in order to see my "to do" list, EN now always takes up about half of my overall screen. Any chance we could change that minimum width setting - remove the minimum, or reduce it by at least half, and/or scroll from the right rather than the left?
  5. Just a quick note to say that I got a new (Windows) laptop last month and installed Evernote on it. Tried using v5 for a few days but it was crashing all the time when moving notes around, as I described earlier in this thread. So over a year later and this issue is still not fixed. Went back to v4 (using the downloaded install file from last time) and now working fine. Not looking forward to the day sometime in the future when v4 stops working, as I'll have nowhere to go.
  6. Totally agree, the beta is unusable for me because of the way I use Evernote. Just the lack of a List View option, in itself, would mean I would never (until I have to) move to the new layout. More worrying is the direction that the software is going... simplistic, white space, elegant... and impossible to use for anything but the simplest of tasks. Anyone like me who has come to rely on Evernote as a cornerstone for organising their life will soon be looking for alternatives. The comparison with Windows 8 is a good one.
  7. What about List View? I use a variety of Evernote versions... Web client, Windows (I stayed on v4, v5 has a showstopper bug that support couldn't fix) and IOS (phone and ipad). Major bugbear with IOS is the lack of a list view... and now I see that this new beta for the web client also removes list view. That one point in itself will prevent me from "upgrading" to the new version until Evernote force me to.
  8. Yes, I'm still very happy that I reverted back to v4.6... no plans to downgrade to v5 for the foreseeable future
  9. How do you revert back to Version 4? I am having the exact same problem? Seems odd that they have not addressed this yet.I was given, by EN support, a link to a webpage with the v4 download on. Given this was their last resort, after more emails that I care to remember, I don't think EN support would want that link to be made generally available, so I probably shouldn't post the link on here. Instead, I suggest you ask EN Support for that (have just checked and the v4 download is still sat on that webpage).
  10. @Jackolicious The ticket number is #256389 @Fitzger - if you have the same problem then yes. I spent about a month and probably 20-25 emails back and fore with EN support before they finally gave up and recommended reverting to V4. Once I did that in early Jan, problem was instantly solved on both of my Windows machines.
  11. I agree. I had to revert to 4.6.7 because of a persistent bug in V5 (was eventually advised to do that by EN support), but having gone back (and having run the two versions side by side on 2 different machines for a few days)... I much prefer the UI of the older version.
  12. On the advice of EN support, and after a month of almost daily emails between us while they investigated it, I have had to revert to version 4.6.7 on both of my two Windows 7 machines. This is due to v5 constantly crashing when moving notes between noteboooks... or copying notes between notebooks... or retagging notes... or deleting notes. During December I was advised to uninstall and reinstall, reindex the local database, etc etc. Tried everything before they eventually advised just going back to v4. There were lots of discussions about the Windows environment, but luckily I was able to avoid chasing any red herrings there, as I could explain that I got the identical problem on two very different Windows machines (one is my home one, the other my work-supplied one, and the software set up on each is very different). So I hope that they get that fixed at some point in the future to allow me to "upgrade" to version 5. In the meantime, having gone back to v4, I have to say that I much prefer it! Thread re the problem here... http://discussion.evernote.com/topic/48208-evernote-desktop-app-keeps-crashing-while-editing-and-sorting-notes/
  13. Just an update on this one - after a month of daily emails going back and fore with EN support, the conclusion is that it was an underlying bug in version 5, and I have been advised to revert back to version 4! I had the identical issue on both of my (very different) windows machines, and have solved it on both by going back to v4. So this problem is still there in version 5.
  14. Yeah, sounds like the same problem (I'm on Win7 Home Premium 64 bit btw)... I'm having an ongoing dialogue with EN support - no joy yet, have just sent them a logfile.
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