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(Archived) Hyperlinks to other Evernote notes



I am aware of the ability to paste URLs to other evernote notes (Web version) so that they launch in a browser... But is there a way to link notes to other notes completely within the desktop version of the program (so they work offline etc). Didn't see any posts addressing this but I could be wrong. Any response would be much appreciated.



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First off, I'm a long time Evernote fan/user but a first time poster here on the forum. I've been slowly refining my GTD workflow at work and in my personal life and I'm very interested in this particular linking topic. Has there been any movement on this? I've been using urls link to the web version but I would love a way to paste a link into RTM,Toodledo, or other Evernote notes that would then open a note in my windows Everone client. Any progress or updates on this?



*edit* - oops, I just realized that this is under the Mac section. I just searched link to find this. Feel free to move this comment if needed but any info on the windows client I'd be grateful for.

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