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Unable to Upgrade Subscription

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I recently subscribed, via iTunes, to Evernote Plus for 1 year.

Shortly after, I determined that I wanted to upgrade to Premium.

In my iOS app on iPhone or iPad, there is no way to go from Plus to Premium that I can find.

Thinking that I could simply cancel the subscription and then use iOS to re-subscribe to Premium, I used iTunes to cancel my subscription.

My iOS apps still report Plus, but now they show I'm a monthly subscriber. When I try to upgrade, I get the message "Our system doesn't have the ability to let you upgrade right now. You can contact support for help."

When I log on to evernote.com and try to upgrade, I am told that my account is active until Oct. 2016 and that I'm a Plus subscriber. I'm also told "Unable to change subscription. We are unable to change your subscription at this time. Please contact our support team for assistance."

I have used the support links through the app and Evernote website but received no response.

Any thoughts on how I can move from Plus to Premium?



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Hi.  We're a user forum,  so they don't let us near actual money or account information.  You could use the Help Center link in my signature to contact support and raise a support request,  which will get you a ticket number.  Post that number here and we can flag your query for an Evernote Employee to have a look at.  I think the only complication here is that you gave your payment to iTunes,  who are separate from Evernote.  If iTunes decide (which seems very unreasonable) that you can't change the type of account,  that's for their support team to resolve rather than Evernote.  But Evernote will obviously have an interest,  since they will get your cash eventually and if you want to pay more,  why would they stop you?  Fill in the details on a support request though and I'm sure they'll try to help.

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