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Paid for upgrade to Plus but still shows as free account

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I like the new Plus tier Evernote introduced, so I paid to upgrade to Plus, mainly so that I can add passcodes to my phone and tablet and also use Evernote offline.


I paid with Paypal for the upgrade from Free to Plus and got the email confirmation from Evernote for the upgrade, as well as from Paypal for the receipt of payment. Evernote Web is showing my account as Plus. But my android phone and tablet are both showing Free account. I powered off both the phone and tablet, and then powered on again. Still showing free account.  I then reinstalled the Evernote App on my tablet, after syncing, it still shows as free account. Only the Evernote Web shows as Plus account.  


I submitted a ticket and got the following message:

"Thanks for submitting.Your issue has been assigned support ticket #1275479. You have also been emailed a confirmation including this number.You should receive an email confirmation immediately. If you do not, please check your Spam folder or check your email address on file in your Evernote account settings."


However, I have not received any confirmation email about my support ticket. Checked Spam mail also. My email is correct.


What can I do? How can I get support? How can I get the Plus privileges on my phone and tablet? Thanks

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Hi.  From any account not currently showing as 'plus'

  1. Manually sync the account.  If that doesn't change the status:
  2. Log out (File > Exit)
  3. Restart your device
  4. Log back in.

If that doesn't fix the issue,  make sure you're using the same user name and login details.

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Thanks, I just did everything you suggested, also user name the same, it is the same account. Still shows Free Account on my phone and tablet. The only one that shows Plus is on Evernote Web. It only shows Plus when I log into Evernote.com on the internet. That defeats the purpose of using it offline. 


What can I do? 

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Hmmn.  Your web account is the definitive one - if that says you're Plus,  then so should any device connected to it.  Don't know why there should be a delay in passing on that status.  The next step is really to uninstall the app from one device,  then restart and reinstall it - if that works out on the phone,  you could then do the same for the tablet.

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Scratching my head... I uninstalled and powered off, then powered on and reinstalled on my phone. Then logging in with same user account as on Web. Still shows as Free Account on my phone. I know you've been very helpful with solutions to many problems, but this one is really puzzling. :wacko:   

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Puzzling,  definitely.  If you check out the Help Center (link in my sig) you should be able to follow a Contact Support link and raise a support request.  When you get a ticket number for that,  please post it here.  Sadly Evernote don't (AFAIK) work weekends,  but we can flag the number for an Admin to have a look at first thing Monday morning...

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Thanks. ticket Number is 1275479, sent yesterday.

OK, I just got reply to ticket ,  instructions to:

1. go into settings (OK. I did that)

2. Tap Account Info (OK. I did that)

3. On the next screen you should see your name and email address (OK. I see that)

4. Tap Edit Profile  (I don't see Edit Profile)

5. Make a change to your profile name. This can be as simple as deleting or adding a letter

6. Exit settings and sync the app

If your profile updates to show your Plus subscription, you can change your Profile back  to your preferred name.


Since I don't see Edit Profile, I cannot change the profile name as instructed.  When I try to tap on my own account name/email address in Account info, nothing happens (it is not lit up). Below that is Upgrade to Premium which is lit up , and I can tap that

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