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Searching bookmarks from browser address bar

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i was looking for a way to have my bookmarks available on different OS/browsers and I found some posts referring me to Evernote. So I decided to give it a go.

I was able to save some bookmarks in a specific notebook but now I'd like to know how am I able to search for these bookmarks right from the browser's address bar?

Any ideas? Is this possible at all?


Thank you.

Kind regards


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Hi. Thanks for the reply.

Does that apply only to searching within one note? I ask this because if I use the Web Clipper extension to save bookmarks it will create a new note for that bookmark. So, I was looking to search from my bookmarks notebook for a specific note (in this case note = bookmark).

Does this limitation still apply?

Thanks in advance.


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Hi again - yes,  afraid so.  If you select all your individual shortcut notes in Evernote and create a Table of Contents note listing the titles of,  and with links to,  all of them,  you could place a shortcut to that note on your desktop,  save a shortcut to it into Evernote,  or Copy Note Link and save that as a browser shortcut so you can open the ToC from your browser;  but you still have to open that note,  or an Evernote note of some sort first,  before finding the link to your external page.

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