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Recovering Deleted Notebooks

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Hi.  What OS are you using?  If notebooks have been deleted,  all the notes in those notebooks would be in the Trash notebook.  If there's nothing there,  then something else happened.  Did the notebook get added to a Stack somehow?

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Using Windows 7. There is nothing in the Trash notebook. Not sure what happened actually. Someone else was working in Evernote and he doesn't even know what he did. Nothing is stacked...I really don't use that feature.

I did notice a message in my Sync or Activity tab saying the was a problem with one of the notes and clicked on it and it was said the note was no longer there

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If you have any system backups that include your Evernote Databases folder you'd be able to restore to a previous state,  but that would exclude any changes you've made since.  And if your computer connects to the internet the restored 'old' database would get overwritten by the new anyway.  It's possible to get around this - in a complicated way* - if you really REALLY need the notebook,  otherwise you might just want to ban the husband from the account.  Get him his own account and share your notebooks with him - he can't mess up your account then...  :)


* You'd need to:

  1. disconnect from the network
  2. backup your current database
  3. restore the old database,  replacing your current one
  4. export the notebook contents to an ENEX file as notes
  5. change back to your current database
  6. reconnect to the network
  7. import the notebook (comes back as individual notes to an offline folder)
  8. recreate your lost synced notebook
  9. move your notes into that notebook (watching out for any upload limit on your account)
  10. re-sync
  11. check EN web to make sure your notes are back in the correct place
  12. and relax...
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All that hurt my head. haahaa. It's just a notebook with recipes (about over 200 of them) and a notebook with DYI household cleaning things and holistic things. No biggie really.

Thought perhaps Evernote had some magical thingiemabob on their end to pull it out of the air. Lol

Thank you all for your help. :)

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