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Evernote on dual OS computer

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Hello,I own a Macbook Pro with a 500 GB SSD  with two partitions and I'm running OSX El Capitan in one HFS+ partition and Windows 10 in another NTFS partition. What I'd like to do is very simple in principle, but apparently very complicated in practice: I'd like to be able to run  two instances of evernote (one in each OS) and point them to a folder in the NTFS partition of my hard drive. Is this even possible? OSX does not write on NTFS partitions by default, but I've purchased Paragon NTFS to enable that.


Thank you!  

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Hi.  Evernote seems to keep information in different formats for different operating systems - the Windows database is a single .EXB file;  the Mac equivalent has a separate file for each note or document.  It seems to me you're missing out on one of the basic features of the app though - if you're logged into the Windows application and it kept and synced its database in the Windows default location,  the next time you logged into the Mac side of the equation it should sync down any changes to its own database.  If you have a lot of notes that's a horribly inefficient way to use the disk space,  and if you were looking to keep the content offline it clearly won't;  but it does mean you can use different formats of the same database whichever OS you're on.

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