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Note vanished!

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I started editing a note I created yesterday. And it's suddenly vanished!


I'm not sure whether I pressed something on my keyboard by mistake. But there's no 'undo' option.


I can't find it in the trash. Nor when I search on it.


It's not a particularly important note. But I'm concerned in case it happens with something that is important.


Is there some way of recovering the note?



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Hi.  Always good to know what OS and device you're using when giving any suggestions...


If you were editing (and delete) an existing note it should have gone to the Trash notebook.  It may be that you actually moved it into a different notebook,  so a search for the content should find it - but if neither of those options works,  then I can't suggest what might have happened.  You could look for the same note on a mobile device or at Evernote.com via a browser in hopes the deletion hasn't been synced across all your accounts,  but for the future the best thing to do if something unexpected happens is:

  1. Go offline to prevent sync
  2. Use whatever 'undo' options you have on that device
  3. check on other platforms to see if you can rescue content
  4. keep regular local backups so you have an offline copy to restore
  5. create 'essential' notes in another app that saves copies to your local device before copying and pasting the completed version into Evernote.
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Thanks for the response.


It's bizarre what happened to that note. I've searched all devices and via a browser. But it's completely vanished.


I'd created it the previous day. And reopened it the following day to edit it. So I know it wasn't a figment of my imagination!


I hadn't thought of keeping a backup as I though the platform was relatively secure and stable. But that was probably being more than a little naive.


I can see how you'd export a notebook. But is there a way of exporting and saving everything in one back-up?


Ps. It's a desktop Mac running ElCapitan.

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