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How do you get Reminders to display in the Evernote Widget with checkboxes?

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Yesterday I was received an notification from the Andriod Play Store, it was a update notice, and I was been told the "Evernote Widget" is not longer support, and the Evernote it self have Widget function, and your company suggest me to uninstall the "Evernote Widget". I was so excited to have a "Reminder checklist Widget" from the Evernote Apps itself, but after I uninstall the original Evernote Widget, only found that I have no longer to create a "Reminder Checklist" on my Android screen. After that I would like to reinstall the "Evernote Widget" but I failed to get it back from Android Play Store.


I like Evernote a lot, it is a great product for my daily work, I like all the function and feature Evernote provided, especially the "Evernote Widget", the "Reminder Checklist", just because the "Reminder Checklist", I keep this apps for 3 years in my phone, I also recommended this apps for my friends who running their Startup. 


The latest function "Evernote Action" is cool, I can take note instantly, but I need something I can go through my important reminder and appointment right on the screen, I don't want to preform others action "Tap on the Evernote Icon, wait a while, then all my notes come out together with my Reminders, then I have to filter up those notes and check the checklist." this is really really un-user-friendly.


I hope Evernote team can create a new "Reminder Checklist Widget" to overcome this problem.



John Tan

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Just found the old checklist in the new widget - its a little hidden. There is a little gear icon on the widget where you change settings. In there, you can display in the widget "Recently Viewed", a specific notebook, or "Reminders". If you choose Reminders, the widget displays them with the checkboxes. YEA! 

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