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  1. Just found the old checklist in the new widget - its a little hidden. There is a little gear icon on the widget where you change settings. In there, you can display in the widget "Recently Viewed", a specific notebook, or "Reminders". If you choose Reminders, the widget displays them with the checkboxes. YEA!
  2. Just started using reminders to try and use this as a task list (having come from any.do, wunderlist and astrid) Reading other posts, every solution to lingering checked reminders is to turn them off. But I like to see them for a while to remind myself what I've accomplished. However, I infer from the language of "Recently Completed" that these completed reminders will eventually become old and no longer be recent and therefore drop off the reminder list. What's the time frame? How old does a task have to be before it no longer shows in the Reminders section with a checkmark and a line through it?
  3. I am having the EXACT same problem. I am trying to copy from email.
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