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Enable user-selectable thumbnail images



Enable user-selectable thumbnail images.

I know this is an "old" topic, and the recent post is now "locked".  But I find it incredible that in these past years all we get from Evernote is that their algorithm picks a thumbnail by the "largest, smallest dimension".  Besides being unnecessarily difficult to understand and nearly impossible to work around it seems that such an algorithm serves little or no purpose for the user/customer.

Simple suggestions:  

  - Allow the user to right-click on the image and select "Make Thumbnail"

  - Simply take the first image in the note and make it the thumbnail.


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I completely agree. With almost everything I use Evernote for, this is a huge problem. With recipes for example, I want a photo of the food rather than the scanned document (old recipe card). A thumbnail of the card tells me nothing. Same with lecture notes. A thumbnail of my scanned notes tells me nothing when I'm quickly scanning through for something. I want the diagram of the laser system or the image of the protein structure. I'm sorry, but I'm a visual person. I often spend more time trying to manipulate the algorithm than I did creating the content, which is very frustrating. Would this really be so hard to adjust so it's a little more user friendly? Is this a change that is coming, or should I be looking at other options?

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