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I have only just started using EN so I am obviously still learning... It is turning out to be a wonderful tool in my work and will come in very handy in many situations... So far very few problems and most have been solved by learning to do things a different way... One I have not been able to solve so far is getting my PDFs to be searchable...

One of the common processes I use to get PDFs into EN is by printing to Adobe PDF and then attaching the result to a specific note... I have attached a very simple sample PDF that was created in this manner...

48 hrs later there is still no sign of the PDF being searchable... I understand there can be a delay before the servers do their work but no approximate time frame is ever given...

I'm just wondering if I am doing something wrong, being impatient or there is something else up... Thanks in advance...

PS: I forgot to mention that I am using the Evernote 3.5 for Windows, but also the iPhone app for viewing and the web interface when I am not at my own computer...

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If you search in Evernote for one of the words that's in that PDF, does it find the note?

If so, then your PDFs are already "searchable", so we don't need to produce an OCR version.

The "Save Searchable As..." feature is only for scanned documents, that we process on the server for Premium users.

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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