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Wish: Hourly reminder

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You can't do it within in Evernote.  But as a workaround you can use a tool like FollowUpThen to schedule an email to yourself at whatever cycle you like.  If you include the note link in the reminder you create you can then click the link in the email and you will be transferred to the note in EN desktop or web.  Windows anyway. 



  1. Create an account with FollowUpThen
  2. Send an email to 1hour@followupthen.com, subject of whatever your action is, and paste the note link in the body of the email.
  3. When the email arrives click on the link and the note will be presented.  Downside, the note is opened in the browser when control is transferred to EN.

May not work for everyone, but a reasonably painless alternative to recurring reminders embedded in EN.  FWIW.


EDIT:  My bad, the recurring reminders have to be 12 hours apart.  So you would have to set up three reminders to accomplish the above, something like:

  1. everyday8am@followupthen.com
  2. everyday12pm@followupthen.com
  3. everyday4pm@followupthen.com

Definitely more cumbersome.  I only use daily reminders regularly, hence the oops.

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