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Requiremenet of 100 MB internal memory free is bad





I noticed that when I do not have 100 MB internal free memory, I got error "Insufficient device memory space" and my Evernote will not synch. All I got is around 20 notes total and offline search turned off :D So this is feels like bad design of code.


Steps to reproduce:

0. Install Evernote

1. Have less that 100 MB internal memory free

3. Try to synch all notes



Error "Insufficient device memory space"


Why it is bad? Still some people have older phones will less internal memory. Other (especially power users) have filled most of internal memory with apps.



- first calculate approximately needed space for current number  / length of notes and check if offline search is turned off / on

- then decide if synch should be blocked and error shown


Other solution:

- allow to override this setting and force sync, no matter how many free space left

- allow moving cache / DB to SD and use SD space



Sony Sk17i

ICS 4.0.4

Evernote 7.1.4

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