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Am I the only one who finds Evernote frustrating?

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Overall Evernote is mostly working for me but the addition of new features I'm never going to use drives me up a wall when I make an idea to a note on my Mac, grab my phone and head out the door, think of a second idea and add that to my note before it's synced (or when I'm on the subway with no signal) and then 100% of the time I get a conflicting note that takes way too long to resolve.


Seriously, can you please invest time into replaying edits based on time and only creating a conflicting note when there's actually a conflict between two or more edits? This is a type of problem that's been solved and the people who work at Evernote are smart and capable. I tend to avoid using Evernote until I have signal and can leave the note I want to edit, pull to refresh, then pull to refresh again because I'm sick and tired of dealing with conflicting edits, then go back into the note, scroll to edit, hit edit and then get jumped back to the very top (can you fix that too? even an inaccurate position would be better than jumping me hundreds of lines up, forcing me to minimize the keyboard and spend time scrolling to reacquire my position). Maybe that's just an Android problem? Either way, fix it asap. I spend more time double scrolling than editing at this point. And that "out of sync — refresh" snackbar is not a great solution. Sure it's better than nothing but it's lazy. You can do better.


Also I thought the paid Evernote enabled offline but finally understood why it never worked when I had no signal. Offline is so hidden and hard to enable. Just make it a fixed cache size that's configurable and auto-offline notes you actually use transparently would be my suggestion.


Please make more balanced investments in the product if you want me to continue using Evernote. Sure do some new ***** for businesses or whatever else I'm not going to use but please improve and fix the core product more regularly. I don't have high confidence in your product but seeing some basic improvements might restore that and make me less likely to switch away from Evernote.


Sorry if this has an angry tone—it's just because I care and it matters to me. <3 everyone at Evernote, group hug?



1. Be smart and resolve multiple edits for me without creating unnecessary conflicting notes: http://stackoverflow.com/questions/366860/when-would-you-use-the-different-git-merge-strategies

2. Don't scroll me to the top when I hit edit on Android

3. Offline notes should be automatic (basically why I paid for Evernote and yet I didn't figure out why it wasn't working for months)

4. Take a portfolio approach to investing in Evernote: make more balanced investments in the core product versus new *****

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Not sure why you would want offline notes to be automatic when you have the power to choose in settings. In other words, you can download all notebooks if you want. Most choose to download select notebooks or nothing at all. There's something for everyone there. As you said, you've figured it out. Problem solved with that specific point.

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