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Mac OSX El Capitan going for some of Evernote's lunch

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interesting, but i haven't installed the gm of el capitan, so i can't say. some questions come to mind:

1. can you export? if so, in what format?

2. how is the search? up until now, it's been anemic, especially on ios.

3. how do you organize stuff? up until now, it's been almost impossible, esp. for hundreds or thousands of notes.

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sure. there are. and, that's great. but those users probably don't pay for evernote, and they can easily switch from one to the other. if (when?) notes starts getting serious about notetaking, then all of the folks who are invested in evernote might make a switch. i don't think apple is really that into notetaking (not like evernote or microsoft).

I guess there are plenty of users who do not have thousands of notes, yet still use dedicated note apps like evernote.

Here's an interesting read about Evernote, too: https://syrah.co/joshdickson40/55e1beac15970d6c01395d9d

yeah, we discussed the blog post in another thread. it's interesting, but i doubt the new notes is the app that'll bring down evernote. and, if we are talking about "poor" products, as the blog post does, i'd say notes ought to be included. it's like an afterthought over there in cupertino. perhaps i'll change my tune after using it in el capitan.
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