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moving Evernote to new phone

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Help! i bought a new phone and moved evernote to my sd card on my old phone. when I installed the sd card in my new phone, it did not recognize evernote. I downloaded evernote frm the playsotre on to the new phone but I can't get my existing notes to show up. I tried emailing them to myself but that did not work. reply bpress54@yahoo.com

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You might want to remove your email address from your post. 


EN needs to be left open on the phone for the sync to occur.  So open EN and press the sync icon and let it cook for a bit.


If you don't see your notes on your new phone, check to be sure that you are using the correct account.  You can do this by going to the web version of EN and logging in there.


If you are sure it is the right account, go to settings on the phone and see if only sync on wifi is checked.  If it is checked then without  wifi coverage you can't sync.

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