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Table Malfunction or Feature? version


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Went back to edit some existing notes this morning and found some unexpected behavior.

--when editing text in a table cell

--use the return key to start a new line or break a line


This action splits the table and leaves the last line of text out of the table and underneath the row. ???


Also, all the new tables inserted default now to "gray" border lines? When will we get an option to control the color of the table display?

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I have seen this issue in the beta version so I opted out of beta, now it is here in the stable version. Interestingly it does not occur in all tables in all notes. Here is the workaround that I found works.


Edit a cell that produces this issue

Undo (ctrl+z or Menu>Edit>Undo)

Switch to another note

Switch back to this note

The edits will now work properly!



I have another issue many of my notes, some of the tables (strangely they are identical tables copied and pasted) will not allow certain keystrokes such as backspace also will not allow pasting into a cell. After much researching I have discovered that the issue is in the markup of the note. For some odd reason Evernote has decided to add a style to the div of the table which then interferes with the edit. It adds style="margin-left: 2mm;".

For now the only workaround I have found is to edit the underlying markup. The long way would be by exporting the note to .enex doing the edit (change <div style="margin-left: 2mm;"> to <div>) in a note editor and importing the note. A real hassle. A quicker way to get it done is to open the note in http://enml-editor.ping13.net/, editing, saving note, go back to desktop and sync. It will now be corrected.



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Yeah I guess I'm seeing this problem too: any table that I edit in the iOS app (on an iPad) becomes messed up. The tables I've got are cut and paste into Evernote on my iMac (I'd actually prefer text, but whatever, the original is a table and converting takes too much effort). If I use the note on my iMac, or just read it on my iPad, fine. However, as soon as I type anything on the iPad - or perhaps use the return key? - the table breaks. Each line seems to become its own table, with bizarre justification and cell widths - each cell seems to automatically become the length of the text, and as a result the columns effectively disappear because "empty" columns drop to 0 width.


Any future attempts to make the table more sensible again just seem to make it more broken. The formatting becomes a total mess.


For reasons I don't understand, this doesn't always happen.


Alas, as far as I can tell it's best to simply not edit tables in iOS. If they do wind up broken, there doesn't seem to be an easy way back.

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