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I've been using Evernote Web for a few months and lately I purchased Evernote Premium. Yesterday, I finally managed to install the desktop version on my Ubuntu 14.04 laptop using Wine. I entered my login and password and started to sync : all was going well.

My problem is the sync didn't complete : I have 2510 notes in the web version, but only 2177 in the desktop version. When I try to sync, it only takes 1 or 2 seconds before a message appears, saying that the sync was successful. Still, several hundreds of notes are missing.

I tried to create a new note in the web version : when I sync the desktop version, my new note is there ! So why do I have 333 notes missing ?

Here is the log :

11:40:22 [23] 0% Usage Metrics: sessionCount=0
11:40:22 [23] 0% Client is up to date with the server, updateCount: 48232
11:40:22 [23] 0% Connecting account ####
11:40:22 [23] 0% Connecting account ####
11:40:22 [40] Client synchronization finished, status: complete
11:40:22 [40] * elapsed time: 1s

Maybe I should uninstall both Evernote and Wine and try again, but I am worried I lose notes if I do so.

Any advice ?


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Hi.  I have zero experience of your setup,  but if your notes are all stored on the server you should not 'lose' any notes with a reinstall.  A slightly less extreme option would be to exit Evernote,  locate and delete your databases folder - the one containing a large EXB file - and rename that folder to Databases.old.  When you restart Evernote the server should rebuild the folder from scratch.


However it sounds possible that some notes aren't downloading because of some incompatibility with title or content.  Try adding a temporary tag to all the notes on your desktop,  then sync.  List the notes in EN Web and check those without a tag to see if there's a common factor...

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