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Why should paid users be forced down ads down their throat?

Sugeeth Krish


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This is painfully terrible. Been premium for over three years..

See all forms of ads everywhere. When i use the webclipper, i see ads in the space meant for related notes. They ask me to refer friends and earn premium. It irritates me to no end.. I dont have time. To refer people.. Why pain me when I have paid money?

It doesn't end there.. The IOS client now wants me to upgrade to business. I have paid and happy with premium, now your forcing all this down my throat.. Didn't you promise that premium users won't get ads.. What's this?

Is that all? I have been using EN for three years. Why are you pushing spam messages like use the Webclipper, use the email to send to. Evernote etc, features which i have been using for years and I have no need for such baby messages.. I am a guy who has 9000 messages in my EN account.. Couldn't your intelligence figure that this guy should have known all this long ago?

I pay not just for features. I. Also pay to be free of clutter and disturbance..

Over the last few months this damn thing only keeps getting worse.. One of these days a premium user is gonna get so damn *****d off that he is gonna end up suing you guys..

I can understand you guys serving free users with ads ( not removing features which were once free, though), but premium users.. Is. Unacceptable..

The way you guys are going, I won't be too. Surprised if even business users were bombarded with ads as well..

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I'd add that pop up messages to rate Evernote should be given the heave ho too. Evernote is about productivity, pop up messages hinder.

I know that ratings are apparently important on app stores but I always favour giving good ratings to apps that deliberately do not ask for ratings (e.g. 1Password and Omnifocus).

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