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Print to PDF Word Spacing / line-break Issues

Scott Gould


Hi Evernote,


Great product- being a pro user for years and love it.


I have discovered a peculiar bug with regards to word spacing / line breaks and printing to PDF.


I have a note that I have written - the first screen shot - and you see I have two normal paragraphs.


However when I print to PDF, some words don't go to the end of the line. The second screen shot is the same evernote document, but printed as a PDF.


Notice for instance the second paragraph: the second line that beings with "the opportunity" should still be on the first line.


This happens a lot - sometimes to the extent where a sentence only goes half way along the document, and then breaks.


Would love to get a fix on this, as currently I have to retype every sentence that has this issue.



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