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What will I lose by clearing app data?

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Good morning,
I use Evernote as a sort of bookmark/note-taking powerhouse. I've moved the app to the SD card, and right now the app storage is as follows:

Total - 143MB

App - 25.69MB

App on SD Card - 26.44MB

Data - 90.59MB

Data on SD Card - 780Kb


It seems like moving it to the SD card hasn't really freed up any space at all. I have other cloud-based note apps and they take up very little space and the little app data is almost all on my SD card. I'm sure it's that high because I "add to Evernote" multiple web pages a day, but I don't have multiple accounts, I rarely open the app on my phone. I mostly use it for sharing to "Add to Evernote" and sort/read them on my laptop later. 

I'm running out of space on my phone and I'm wondering how much of that 90.59MB app data is backed up to the Evernote cloud? If I delete it, what will I permanently lose? Obviously I'll need to sign into my account again and fix my settings, but what will happen? I don't really care about data usage, because I'm usually on WiFi. If it's a matter of re-downloading notes to view them, I rarely view my notes on my Android device. 

Should I just go for it? It sounds like nothing, but 90MB would make such a difference on my phone right now.

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Your usage certainly doesn't seem excessive.  I have 13.7K notes and my total is 307 MB (49.75 MB app, 257 MB data).  


If everything is synced (check by pulling out the menu and looking down the bottom for the 'Last sync' notification.  I would sign out first, then delete any cache/app data and sign back in.  I'm not sure it's going to help in the long run, because it's just going to build up again as EN downloads note headers, etc. for indexing.


Might be worth investigating other options for increasing space on your phone.

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Thank ou, David. I will look, I know 90MB isn't huge, but I'm having a hard time deleting games that I spent money on, and that need to be checked in every day. I need a new phone, really. I will try signing out though. Thanks

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Is evernote planning to enable moving the data to the SD card as it will free up memory on the phone?

A lot of phones come with 16GB phone space only.


I hope they do, but many app developers will blame it on the limitations of the phone without checking what version of Android we have. It was a problem with Kit Kat, they'll say, but then I upgraded to Lollipop and little changed. I have so many apps that will store hundreds of MB of data on my 32 GB SD card, and I still have upwards of 24GB left. My phone has only 8 GB and more than half of that is dedicated to the Android OS. I guess I just need a new phone.

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