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Where is Undo command ?

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I am new to Evernote.  Still deciding if I like it or not.. 

Just upgraded to an iPhone 6 so thought I would try out some new Apps

I understand how to retrieve a deleted note by going into Trash...  However when I copied and pasted text into a note my original information was overwritten.  ! Where is the Ctrl Z or equivalent to undo a simple mistake.  ?  

Evernote gives you formatting options ...why not an Undo. 


I have tried shaking phone...this does nothing.  

If such a simple option is missing I won't waste another day on this App. 


Thankyou for any and all advice !

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The standard undo feature on any iPhone is the shaking thing you did, but did not work out. You need to shake the phone immediately to undo... IOW, it won't work if you exit a note and re-enter edit mode. The whole shake thing is not that elegant. Novel, but not elegant. Instead of physically shaking your phone, the other option is to activate "Assistive touch"... then you would hit that button > Device > More > Shake. Not the most tempting either, I know.


Try it out while you've just edited something in a note... then you know what to expect moving forward... if forward is where you're going. Good luck :-)

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Frank.dg  you are simply wonderful to answer so quickly and so clearly .  Thankyou !!!!


I just tried  the shake immediately after and I see the Undo option .  I've just upgraded from old 3G iphone so lots of new features to discover. 


This is besides  my original query but ..... there are many features in Evernote yet it seems rather lacking  in basic functions.  

I downloaded the web clipper which works in Safari.  However when I Google search something I am not able to save to Evernote . I have to  copy &  paste  which is clumsy when selecting on an Iphone.

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Are you Google searching withing the Safari browser app or are you using the Google/ Chrome app?

In the Chrome app on iPhone, for instance, you can clip a page to Evernote by accessing the 3 dots (top right) > access the iOS share menu (top left) ... Clip.

Another free browser you might want to tinker with is "Dolphin browser". One of its features allows you to clip a page or article to Evernote. More flexible than the Evernote share menu clipper itself.

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Again...Frank.dg you are the best...!  I would never have noticed , let alone click on those 3 dots....Thankyou !

Yes I suppose I am using the Google Chrome app. 


I have made a note (in Evernote ) to try Dolphin Browser.  


Vey much appreciated ! :D

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