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[Request] smile.amazon.com recognized as an "Amazon" clipper type

Eric Simon


When you're on an item page at www.amazon.com and you invoke the Evernote web clipper, the "Amazon" clip type is auto-detected, which clips a note custom formatted using elements from the Amazon item page. This is a wonderful feature. However, I do all of my Amazon browsing via smile.amazon.com (via which a percentage of every purchase is donated to charity). Unfortunately, the web clipper does not recognize items at smile.amazon.com as "Amazon" clip types, so that option isn't available.


The workaround is to find an item I want to clip, change the URL to www.amazon.com (instead of smile.amazon.com) and then clip that. It'd be great if the web clipper just treated smile.amazon.com URLs the same way it does www.amazon.com URLs.


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+1.  I came here to request the same thing.


Looks like it is just changing www[.]amazon to  (www|smile)[.]amazon   .  But doing that locally corrupts the extension.  Please add this to the next push.  Please.

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