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  1. I've been confused/slightly annoyed by this for years, until today. (I looked but didn't see any other requests mentioning these attachements) With Chrome on Android when sharing to Evernote as "Text" (not a full page clip), I see the URL as the body of the Evernote note for a split second, and then it is replaced by an attachment like .com.google.Chrome.x3QAHL Usually of 200kb-300kb. I assumed it was some internal format for the URL, and was confused why Evernote was doing that. (Note, with Adblocker on Android, the files are named like .org.chromium.Chromium.xxxxx, and Evernote still keeps the original URL in the body of the note) Today, I figured out this is actually a "JFIF" file. It is a screenshot from Chrome that is being included. I can rename the .com.google.Chrome.xxxx file to screen.jfif, and then I can open it up as a picture on my computer. So, my request is that Evernote peeks at these attachements to see if they are JFIF files, and either * fix the extension automatically to .jfif, and still leave it as an attachment. * If possible, always keep the url in the body of the clipped note. * (preferred) embed it as a picture in the note. So that I see the screenshot, without having to open it. (This would be a huge improvement to mobile clipping) I will say, I don't know if this is a "bug" with Chrome, but it seems like Evernote could use it to their advantage by tweaking how it handles these attachments. Thanks.
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