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[Feature Request] Highlight among Notes when recording audio



Good Morning, 


I absolutely love taking notes with Evernote in class! Currently how I use it right now, is I typically take a picture of the handouts given in the beginning of class, start recording and than type in the notes as class moves forward. I would love to have the opportunity to mark highlights for important sections during the lecture, without interrupting the overall recording, and easily find that location later. Another feature that would be very helpful would be to put a marking or a link in the middle of the notes that I am typing to the location of the highlight that I make at that time. Right now I am using Cohdoo Highlight app https://cohdoo.com/highlight.php. 


I know this seems to be a lot to ask, but as a Speech Language Pathology student that uses mainly only Evernote for school purposes, and depends on the recordings from lectures, these features would really change the game for me!


Thank you, 


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Until/IF Evernote provides the feature you requested, as a workaround you take a look at AudioNotes.

It does what you requested.  When you finish with the AudioNote, you could then attach the file to an EN Note.

It is available for both iOS devices and Mac, and syncs via DropBox.

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