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Can you make a template?

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Hello all!

I'm new to EverNote. I'm hoping to be able to use this to make a nature journal. This would consist of a photo or photos of an object with a place for notes such as location, habitat, species, description,etc. First of all, can I do this with Evernote (by creating a notebook?)? Second question is, since these would be sections that would repeat on each item page, can you make a template so you do not have to keep typing in those subheadings on every page? I'm hoping this can be a reference journal I can keep with me during my explorations. Thanks for any suggestions to accomplish this. --EverPAK

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thanks for the reply, I exported a note to desktop and keep dragging it whenever I need to use it, 

However I like you method because that way I don't have to be near my desktop, I can use any client I like to copy a note from template. 

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