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Evernote Android deleting images

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My android device is nearly at capacity with almost 20gigs being evernote. I found the folder on my device that stores all the images, if I move this folder to my PC will the notes in the app itself try to sync the change? What i'm hoping for is to remove the images, and sync any notes with the images I removed by simply just pulling them up on my device if I need them

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Hi.  Evernote doesn't store notes or images on Android devices.  It may make use of temporary storage while notes are waiting to synchronise with the server,  but it certainly would not occupy 20GB of memory.  Are you talking about Evernote folders,  or copies of images?  When pics are saved to an EN Note,  a copy is also saved in a folder in case it is needed locally.  If you are happy that all these images have been saved to Evernote you could just delete them...

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