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Automatic upgrade doesn't honour install location


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I have my Evernote installed on G:\

When Evernote detects I need an upgrade it ALWAYS puts it on C:\..... (the default location) - so I have to move it EVERY TIME.

Any chance the automated upgrade script can be a bit smarter and figure out where it is installed before deciding when to put new files.


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I just tested this from 5.7.2 to 5.8.1, as a normal (non-admin) user, installed to C:\Evernote. The upgrade worked properly. I also tested as an admin user, same results.


When you say you "moved" it, do you mean you simply copied the files? If so, that would explain the problem. You have to use the installer to change directories (the 'Advanced' button). Since the installer now thinks you've installed to the default location, that is where it will always upgrade to. You need to uninstall (and delete the files you copied), then install again and change the location via the advanced settings.

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