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Sharing notes with users

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Hi guys,


I have particular use-case I'd like to discuss and see if there is a possibility for evernote to support it.


Currently me and a few friends bookmark articles, links and the likes and share them with eachother. I was wondering offers a way to share all indexed notes within a stack with other users without sharing the individual notes, but in a readonly way. 


The reason I'm wondering is that me and my friends all have different ways of sorting our notes. Currently when we share a notebook and a person sorts the bookmark from the stack to his own notebook, it's removed from the shared notebook. Furthermore I can't share a not on the shared notebook and have a copy in another notebook it seems.


If Evernote supports this way of collaboration I'd be very grateful to the person who can explain me how. 

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Stack don't really come into play here.  You can share or join a NB  whether or not it is in a Stack.


Each of you should be able to share a NB from each person's account with the others, which can be read-only.

Most of the time, you do NOT want to copy the Notes in the Shared NB into another NB in your account.

When viewing a joined NB, you should be able to sort it by any of the sort fields.


I'm not sure if this answers your question of not.  Feel free to post any follow-up questions.

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