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Sync Failed?

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When I go to sync I get this message.


evernote_logo_3876.gif   Synchronization Complete

                        Sync failed due to unexpected problem server side 



It does sync, yet I get this message every time.  Does anyone know what is going on?  I must admit that at times it leaves me a bit paranoid. 

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I've seen that.

Please let us know what versions of OS and Evernote are you running?


You might try:

  1. Sign out of Evernote app, restart your PC/Mac, sign back in to EN
  2. IF the issue persists, then so a simple app reinstall:

For this type of problem, sometimes a simple reinstall of the app will fix the problem.

This should not affect any of your Notes or other data.

But if you have any Local Notebooks, you might want to export them to ENEX files just to be safe.


To reinstall the app, see Evernote KB Article: How do I uninstall and reinstall Evernote [App]?

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