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Disappointed by the last survey that I had to complete for evernote, I am writing my suggestions for new features here. Happy if anybody wants to join the discussion:-)


1.) An archive button for notes like in gmail or apple mail:

    -> less cluttered notebooks but no deleted notes

2.) easy bullet re-ordering like in powerpoint/excel:

    -> less hassle when trying to re-order a list with copy pasting (especially on mobile)

4.) Automatically start a bullet list by starting the line with * or - :
    -> especially on mobile the list options are too is cumbersome to activate [type menu -> slide right -> click on bullet list]
3.) pdf annotation for pro account:
    -> potential attraction for many customers
Hope the evernote team will read this! 


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Thanks for your requests.


I might suggest that it is generally better to put each request in a separate thread, so it is easier for Evernote to see, and for other users to focus their comments on a specific request.  It will then be much easier to see if many others are also supporting the request for a specific feature.

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