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move a copy of all my notes into a SQL DB


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Hi everyone,


I would like to know how to export(if possible) all my notes into a SQL DB, so that I can do all sorts of things with the data.


What i would like to do, instead of manually inputting all the date. a way to code via vs2013 to input the date via a program that i can make. 



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well i coped my evernote Db and renamed the extension to .db


then i used DB browser for sqlite


and used the following statements


SELECT `_rowid_`,* FROM `notebook_attr`  ORDER BY `_rowid_` ASC;
select '_rowid_',* from 'note_attr' ;
the first one got me a list of all the notebooks
the second one got me a list of all the notes and what notebooks they were in.
I have not yet been able to get a listing of a single note and it contents.
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