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Easy fullscreen on Android (e.g. via swipe)



I've just got a larger tablet, and Evernote is a key app that I use in my work. I often find myself browsing through recent notes, and wanting to see as much of them on the screen as possible in landscape mode.


Currently the workflow is very fragmented - I have to hit the ... menu, then full screen. Then if I want to switch to another note I have to back out of full screen, choose the next note in list, and repeat the full screen process.


I keep finding myself trying to swipe from the note to the left to collapse/hide the note list - so I guess this would be an intuitive action! With a right-swipe re-showing the note list.


Alternatively, if the full-screen access was left untouched, then swiping left/right in the note would be a quick way to change notes without having to mess around every time with back / ... / full screen etc.


Either of these would be a great solution and (IMO) greatly enhance the key service that Evernote provides - accessing and browsing your note collection.


Regards, Mark

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