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Tags only display 1st item in that tag, even if there are 10 items

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When I bring up Evernote on my Laptop it shows all the tags, but when you select a tag that has more then one entry it only shows the 1st entry. It does not let you get to the 2nd or say 3rd entry. The on-line version works fine. You select a tag and it shows you all the entries in the tag. Is there an option that I'm missing? This just started to happen about 2 weeks ago. As a note, I only show 2 columns instead of the normal 3.The one that is missing is the one that displays all the notes. Would appreciate any Help.

rsg007 -Bob

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I would suggest going back to 3 columns and see if all of the notes for the selected tag now appear in that column.  You can just hit F11 to accomplish that.  My guess is that will fix your problem.

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