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Profile photo colours misinterpreted by uploader

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I'm trying to upload a profile photo (PNG, 139kb) but when the uploader shows me a preview so I can crop it, the colours have been misinterpreted. I've taken a screenshot of the original file next to the crop interface so you can see what I mean.


Anyone come across this bug before? 


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Hitting 'Crop and Save' dumped an off-colour version into the underlying webpage (just outside of my screenshot) so I didn't hit the master Save button to update my profile.


In the meantime, however, I went to my profile and hit the black 'Edit Profile' button at the top right. It took me to the upload interface in this new screenshot. I'm not sure where I was exactly the first time (perhaps it was a dedicated stage in the initial forum sign-up process?), but this interface seems to handle the image correctly. I'll just leave this here in the interests of site feedback!


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