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Scannable battery depletion

Oliver Low


Dear Evernote,

The scannable app is great and I recommend it to our clients for emailing papers in to us.

But it can seriously cane the battery.

I used it today and emailed the scan to a friend. I took about 10 minutes composing the email and got a 20% battery warning, but to start with I had 99%. iPhone 5 on iOS 8.

I thought you'd better know.


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In the past two days, use of the app has killed my battery on my iPhone 5s. From 70% to 22% after 2 scans on the first occasion. From 32% to 1% on the second occasion after 1 scan. Not sure what is going on as I have not had this issue in the past. Current version 2.0.1

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Correction: the battery was about 60% before, so my wife noticed.

I've since tested the drain and it's more than the camera app, but then scannable must be doing a lot of processing to detect the document.

It doesn't seem to drain when emailing.

I think I've just misjudged what the battery was to begin with and how's he was used for scanning.

Apologies. *embarrased*

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