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Better Web Editor for Evernote - AlterNote Editor (Chrome extension)


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I just found this AlterNote Editor Chrome Extension, and it's a better WYSIWYG than the Evernote Web Editor at this time. And it's free.




No idea if it's related to Alternote for Mac: http://alternoteapp.com/


Features I like:

- does NOT need to be granted access to your Evernote account

- as far as I can tell, all processing is done in your browser, without a third party server involved

- fairly powerful text editing capabilities (WordPad like)

- resize images (and even rotate) 

- can paste images from clipboard (but they will be lost if you edit the note in Evernote, so I  insert images with the paperclip)

- inserts file/image at the cursor (not at the end of the note)

- view and change source code

- handles tables decently well

- highlight text

- check-boxes and special characters

- footnotes

- keyboard shortcuts (no more clicking around to insert an attachment)

- can change default font and font size

- remove all text formatting

- add-last-line keyboard shortcut (really useful in long notes)



- you have to be a bit careful, as it's easy to create unwanted new notes or duplicates, especially if you use autosave (I just create new notes in Evernote Web and then edit them with AlterNote; I also have Clicking on AlterNote's toolbar icon when not on Evernote's webpage set to Open Search Page)

- it doesn't save searches

- you will lose images if you paste them from clipboard (more Evernote's fault, as it just removes them if you edit the note)

- there seems to be just one guy developing it. Is it secure? Will development continue?



Attached is a quick test, along with the result in Evernote Web:





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