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Combining notes

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You can merge notes by multi-selecting your notes on your desktop client. Once selected, your options will appear.

Just a suggestion: why not tag like notes with a common tag instead of merging them?...

(1) The headings you get after a merge are not a pretty sight.

(2) Notes have a size limit which you might run into, especially with photos

(3) Individual notes will retain their "created" and "updated" dates... Which one can sort by in the note list, among other sorting options.

(4) Emails and web clippings will retain their original source URL links.

(5) It may be easier to flip through individual note titles (with thumbnail images) in the note list than to scroll within a note to locate elements.

(6) Once merged, it is not easy to rearrange/ shuffle your information. Kept in individual notes, your information is more easily curated (or deleted), easily arranged into the order you want via a "Table of Contents" note and/ or presentation mode, etc.

(7) You can single individual notes out and give them a reminder... Especially if an email requires further action at a later date.

I used to do a lot of merging to consolidate way back... But I found the notes became cumbersome and cluttered... It all depends on your needs... But for sure, you need some way to link like notes. The other benefit of tags is that you can give all like notes a common tag category... plus you can give select notes within that category additional tags to filter for more select elements (email, photos, urgency, etc).

Good luck!

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Thanks for that.


I already tag all my notes for reference, I just wanted to put all my notes on one particular project in one place.


The Table of Contents does exactly what I want though, so thanks for expanding on my question.  :)

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